Chip Shortage

Breaking Down the Chip Shortage

Impacts of the chip shortage will ripple through global supply chains for years to come. This interview addresses some key steps to help preserve business continuity.

Business Document Checklist

Business Document Checklist

We’ve put together a business document checklist of records to compile that you can access easily in the event you undergo an IRS audit. It is also a handy resource to have when meeting with advisors.

Restaurant of the Future

The Restaurant of the Future

Customer demand for convenience and flawless digital experiences are on the rise and further fueled by the pandemic. How can the restaurant of the future meet these challenges and thrive?

Tax Legislation Advances
High Net Worth

Tax Legislation Advances As Part of Reconcilation Bill

New tax legislation advances as the House Ways and Means Committee approved a tax package on September 15 that would increase rates on high-net-worth individuals & corporations and affect cross-border activity and pass-through entities.

Telehealth Tax Checklist

Telehealth Tax Checklist

The telehealth tax checklist highlights information that should be gathered and common issues to consider when assessing federal and state tax obligations as they relate to telehealth.

Tax Accounting Method Change

Will a Tax Accounting Method Change Benefit You?

When assessing your tax situations for 2021 and subsequent years, consider whether you may benefit from traditional tax accounting method planning, which aims to defer income recognition and accelerate deductions, or “reverse” tax accounting method planning, which does the opposite.


Administrative Internships

Administrative internships are available in our Louisville (KY), New Albany (IN), or Corydon (IN) office for the upcoming tax season.


Accounting Internships

Accounting internships are available in our Louisville (KY), New Albany (IN), or Corydon (IN) office for the upcoming tax season.

Estate planning options in 2021

Estate Planning Options Amid Uncertainty

Given the uncertainty of whether tax changes will be enacted and as of when, individuals who have not recently updated their estate plans should consider estate planning options, sooner rather than later.

2021 Tax Bill

2021 Tax Bill – How Likely Is It?

The Biden Administration has made tax policy a legislative priority, but will we actually see a 2021 tax bill, and what might it include?

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