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One of our primary goals in working with a real estate and development business is to provide the guidance that will help you maximize your returns and minimize your risks. The professionals at DMLO, many of whom have direct experience in the industry, offer a high level of expertise.

In addition to outstanding tax and audit services, we bring our clients the benefit of a wealth of experience in accounting requisites for acquisition, development and construction; tax credits; creating financing packages; financial reporting; regulatory compliance and more that is of special relevance to the real estate and development business.

Cost Segregation Study

Real estate holdings constitute a huge capital investment. With our engineering-based Cost Segregation Study, you can maximize your real property’s financial return by generating significant cash flow savings through accelerated income tax depreciation deductions. Click here to learn more.

Section 179D Deduction

Those who own or lease a commercial office building and install property that satisfies the energy efficiency requirements of Section 179D may qualify for a tax deduction. Click here to learn more.


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