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As a third generation, locally owned service business, we have a unique and in-depth understanding of the industry and what it takes to be successful. As a focused industry niche group, we spend each and every day researching and expanding our knowledge of the issues and challenges you face, spotting trends, listening to the visions and dreams of your peers, and advising people like you on the best moves to make to achieve growth and profitability, minimize risk and tax liability, engage the right people on your team, and position your business for long-term progress. We offer guidance through the complex web of tax, accounting, and financial data, so that you can focus your energy and passion on what you do best – driving your business forward.

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Service Businesses Chair: Jeff Calderon


Mark Steele, MD – Pediatric Ophthalmic Consultants, New York, NY

What matters most to you when choosing a business advisor?

Ability, availability and affability.

Are we one of the first people you call when considering a key business decision? Why or why not?

Yes. My CPA at DMLO is intimately familiar with my business and personal finances. I trust his objective opinion about anything financial.

What signifies to you that we have a good understanding of your business and/or personal needs and goals?

It is like a good marriage. One just “knows” when the fit is right. My DMLO professional and his support team have consistently demonstrated important insights into my financial life that is always accurate.

How do you feel about our accessibility and the timeliness of our responses to you?

Perfect! On the few times my CPA is not available (he routinely will respond to me after hours and weekends when I email him a question even though I suggested that the response can wait until business hours), there is always another team member familiar with my account who has been able to assist me.

Do we reach out to you (and your staff) as often as you wish?


What do you find most valuable about our relationship?

There is great value about establishing a long-term relationship based upon mutual respect and trust.

Are there any specific challenges that we have helped you resolve or overcome?

As an owner of multiple businesses, my financial life can be very complex at times. When any important issues arise, it is very comforting and essential to have immediate professional guidance at my disposal.

What , if anything, would you would  like to see us do differently or better?


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