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When money is at the heart of the matter, you need expert evidence, testimony and strategy planning. And that’s just what DMLO is prepared to do for you.

Complex civil litigation often requires professional analysis of financial assets, transactions, documents and settlement alternatives. DMLO offers attorneys, individuals and businesses of all sizes the benefits of our broad range of experience in accounting and tax matters. When you couple this with our specialized expertise in past, current, future and hypothetical evaluation of assets, it’s easy to see how our services can have a major impact on your business or marital dissolution cases.

We can also assist you in strategy planning, proving or disproving liability, establishing cause and amount of damages, expert witness testimony and noting the weak spots in opposing counsel’s financial evidence.

DMLO has specialized training in litigation support and years of experience with virtually every type of business and profession. We provide advice and support in the following litigation areas:

DMLO is often called on to analyze the financial documentation presented by opposing counsel. We help highlight potential weak points in the opposing counsel’s arguments and develop evidence that better serves the interests of your client.

We also assist with marital dissolution litigation including asset valuations and settlement issues.

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