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DMLO has special expertise in meeting the unique needs of the long-term care industry and of physicians’ practices.

Long-Term Care

As a leader in providing financial management services to the long-term care industry in Kentuckiana, DMLO understands the challenges facing your facilities today. Shifting payment systems for Medicaid and Medicare, intensified government regulation, higher community expectations and increased costs of providing services are among the many issues you deal with on a daily basis.

Dedicated Practice Group

One reason we are uniquely qualified to provide financial services is our dedicated group of CPAs, who have extensive client service experience and/or an insider’s viewpoint from years of working in the industry. We truly understand what it takes to operate a successful health care organization and are prepared to provide comprehensive specialized financial services such as these:

DMLO also serves professionals and organizations related to the long-term care industry, including hospitals, health care management firms and physicians.

Physicians’ Practices

To operate a successful physicians’ practice, you need to have excellent skills both as a doctor and as a business manager. DMLO has significant experience in helping physicians’ practices operate as a business with effective financial systems. We also understand that the tax issues of doctors must be attended to carefully and often. Our experience in the health care field also helps us recognize opportunities and potential problems. With DMLO’s help, you can focus on your primary job, being a good doctor.

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Long-Term Care Chair: Jennifer Hughes

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