Remembering Founding Partner Armand Ostroff

It is with immense sadness that we say farewell to one of our founding partners, Armand Ostroff, who passed from this life on April 25th at the age of 79.


We would like to share an excerpt from the comments Director Jeff Calderon made at Armand’s funeral service:


It was almost ten years ago that I stood, heartbroken, in front of family and friends at my father’s funeral. It is ironic and appropriate that I am here today to honor a man who became a father figure, mentor, and most of all, a good friend, when I moved to Louisville nearly nine years ago.


When Armand heard that a Jewish guy from New York joined the firm that he helped to create, he sought me out and took me under his wing. Armand invited me to lunch that very first week in July. I was so honored that the “O” in DMLO wanted to take me to lunch. I remember thinking, ‘Wow! This never would have happened to a Louisville guy joining a New York firm!’


Armand met me at the office and when we walked outside he looked at me and proudly announced that since I was new to Louisville, he was going to take me some place new: Z’s Oyster Bar and Steakhouse. He was so excited, I didn’t have the heart to tell him that Jerry Hurt had already taken me there. Twice, when he was recruiting me.


That was the beginning of not only an amazing professional relationship, but of a beautiful personal and spiritual one as well. Armand and his wife Miriam insisted we be their guests at Adath Jeshurun during our first Rosh Hashana here in Louisville. They treated my entire family to another wonderful meal at Lilly’s (Jerry Hurt had never taken me there before). We were fortunate enough to score great seats in Armand and Miriam’s row for the High Holy Days when we later joined AJ as a family.


Armand and Miriam were at my wife’s hospital bed when our daughter Delilah was born. And Miriam baked the most delicious chocolate cake we have ever had at Delilah’s baby naming.


Armand was there for me and my family for some of our happiest celebrations. He was also there for me when I needed counsel and advice. I always knew he had my back. It was comforting to know I had such a great man in my corner.


Armand was instrumental in the success that I enjoy at the firm today, so I am honored to be speaking on DMLO’s behalf. I cannot tell you how proud I am to continue Armand’s legacy.


Others have also shared some words about Armand:


Armand added class to DMLO. He had an artistic flair and an eye for design (unusual for an accountant). He spearheaded making the offices inviting, functional, and attractive. In addition, he was a kind and caring man with a welcoming smile. An unkind word about anyone never came from his mouth.

Jeannie & John Livesay


Armand cared about us on a personal level as well as a professional level. He was a gentleman.

Pamela Van Leur


Armand was a rare individual that was always concerned about the partnership.  I can hear him saying – ‘If it is good for the group then it will be good for me.’ I will miss him.

Dick Sipes


Armand and I were friends for 50 years and partners in DMLO for 40 years. From the day our firm began Armand had a vision of what we would become – the state’s most prestigious accounting firm. His ideas and spirit guided us to achieve that goal. I will miss him as being one who cared deeply about me and his many other friends.

Bill Malone


We will not forget the strong culture Armand helped create here at DMLO. His character, integrity, honesty, and tenacity served as the foundation of our firm’s many achievements. He is an inspiration to all who knew him.

Chris Ward


Here is an impromptu cell phone video clip of Armand in October 2013, celebrating our anniversary with a conference room naming ceremony.


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