5. We have top notch technology

Our technology is based on the best practices we see in our industry. We strive to equip our staff with the latest in proven technology to enhance productivity while reducing downtime with outdated or untested hardware and software. We cycle out old equipment on a regular basis and do not “cascade” equipment, meaning we don’t give the new stuff to more senior staff and shuffle the old equipment down. Everyone gets brand new, latest and greatest on the same schedule, Directors and new staff included.


We believe that people need and should have the ability to balance their personal and professional lives, and strive to ensure they have the tools to work as needed, anywhere/anytime with remote access. Over half of our staff log in remotely via laptop with VPN and WiFi accessibility, giving them a virtual desktop experience. WiFi is accessible throughout our office and conference rooms, which are equipped with 50 inch flat screens televisions and set up for audio and video conferencing. Our phone system is state-of-the-art VoIP that integrates with MS Outlook, allowing greater convergence between tablet, cell phone and computer. Our Exchange server allows for convenient 24/7 access via smartphone/tablet. Our in-house technical support team of three people keeps everything running as smoothly as possible to minimize downtime and inconvenience.


We have a video booth for producing high quality videos in-house, as well as a photo studio for instant professional headshots and group photos.

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