3. You will be part of a firm in tune with your generation

Our iGen committee is a diverse group of employees who identify with and have a passion for those who are beginning, or have recently embarked on, a career in accounting, and who want to be part of a collaborative effort focused specifically on making sure that we stay relevant and attractive – addressing the issues and concerns of younger generations and providing an environment and structure in which they can thrive.


Our President meets with the committee, and no topic is off limits. It is very important to us that our younger staff have a strong voice within the firm, and plenty of opportunity to share feedback, concerns and innovative ideas, many of which have been implemented successfully.


We brought in a national speaker and generational strategist Cara Silletto to make sure we are on target when it comes to bridging generational gaps. We are actively involved in and supportive of the Young Professionals Association of Louisville and several local emerging leaders programs.

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