DMLO CPAs Announces New COO Kellie Campbell

Louisville, KY (October 1, 2018) – DMLO CPAs is pleased to announce that Kellie Campbell has been promoted to Chief Operating Officer, a newly created position. Kellie has been with the firm for 15 years, during which time she has served as Controller and Firm Administrator. As COO, Kellie will oversee the daily administration and operation of the firm including personnel, finances, facilities and technology, working closely with the President and leadership team in setting and implementing firm policies and direction.


Kellie holds a Bachelor of Business Administration with emphasis in Accounting from the University of Pikeville and is a graduate of Focus Louisville and Ignite Louisville.

Kellie lives in Prospect with her husband Justin, her son and daughter, and favorite furry family member Jake. Her preferred vacation destination is any island in the Caribbean, with St. Thomas topping the list.


Q & A with Kellie:


What do you wish more people understood about working at a public accounting firm?


The profession can be demanding and high pressure at times, but a very rewarding profession as well. CPAs are trusted business advisors to some incredible clients. One day you could be discussing complex tax strategies with a high net worth family, and the next you could be advising a not-for-profit organization that is impacting your community in a big way. There really are few limits to what a CPA can do.


What is the biggest challenge facing the CPA industry right now?


I see the biggest challenge being the changing role of the CPA. CPAs have always been trusted advisors of course, but I believe this role will expand even more in the years to come. The CPA of the future will need excellent analytical, communication, and interpersonal skills. He or she will spend more time looking ahead offering proactive advisory services, with less “bean counting” or transactional work as those functions are automated.


What is the most rewarding part of your job?


Having a front row seat to the growth and evolution of the business, as well as the professional growth of our team. When we recognize promotions at our annual staff meeting, I feel like I am as happy for those individuals as they are – it brings me joy to see my co-workers advance in their careers. Also rewarding for me is the personal connection that I intentionally make with each person at the firm. I think they appreciate the fact that my door is always open and that they are my top priority.


Why should someone want to work at DMLO?


Our culture of flexibility is a key reason we are able to attract and retain top talent.


What advice would you give someone considering your career path?


My top advice is very simple: be nice. Seriously, I’ve made a career out of being nice and having a positive attitude. Of course, there are many important attributes a COO needs: drive to succeed, commitment, education, etc. But at the end of the day, leaders want nice, loyal and respectful individuals working for them.

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