DMLO Celebrates Founders On 38th Anniversary

In a ceremony earlier this month, DMLO honored the founding partners – Joel Deming, Bill Malone, John Livesay, and Armand Ostroff. October 1st marked the thirty-eighth anniversary of the date they sat around a table and utilized Malone’s expertise in the horse racing industry to determine the order of the firm name, in a manner similar to the drawing for post positions at Churchill Downs. Rumor has it they were just happy that the drawing did not result in the acronym ‘MOLD’!


Staff, family members, retired partners and special guests were there to witness the moment as once again names were drawn to determine the designation of four new conference rooms, part of a complete renovation of the firm’s offices on the 11th floor of the ‘flashcube’ building at Hurstbourne and Shelbyville Rd. Then each of the founders shared a few words.


Joel emphasized that it has always been about “service to the client. We were maybe not the smartest guys, but you’ve gotta give the service, and you’ve gotta have the talent to do it!”


Bill addressed that by saying, “We were smart enough to know that it was important to bring good people with us. The success we’ve had has been because of hiring good people and giving them opportunities.”


John generated some laughs with his statement that he has “had a room named after me for a long, long time – it’s called ‘the john’, and I’m pretty sure everyone here has used it!”


Armand wrapped it up by saying “We’ve probably got the nicest digs in town. I am so proud of this firm.”


“I am so pleased that we had this opportunity to celebrate the original visionaries of our firm,” says Jennifer Hughes, President at DMLO. “What a legacy they have left us! DMLO has had a profound impact on the lives of many people and in our community as a whole. I am proud to be part of what we are continuing to build here, and grateful for the solid foundation that makes it possible.”

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