Year-End Tax Planning Businesses

Year-End Tax Planning: Businesses

Despite the delays and uncertainty around exactly what tax changes final legislation will contain, there are actions that businesses can consider taking to minimize their tax liabilities, which are highlighted in this guide.

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Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

Biden Signs Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which will fund investment in improvements to the country’s roads, bridges, highways and Internet connections, was signed into law by President Biden last week. It includes several tax-related provisions.

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Build Back Better Act 3

Build Back Better Act: Third Time’s the Charm?

A third version of the Build Back Better Act was released last week, which increases the state and local tax deduction, brings back many of the retirement proposals from the original 9/13 draft of the Act, and retains the surcharge on high-income individuals, estates and trusts from the 10/28 version.

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