2022 Tax Outlook Survey

In recent years, both U.S. and global tax authorities have implemented some of the most significant tax policy changes in history, and more reform is on the way. Even with the help of technology to stay on top of regulatory compliance, tax executives struggle to keep up with the pace of change, and often come up against challenges with end-user adoption.


Tax execs have a unique perspective on how external agents of change can impact their business, but C-Suite leaders are relying less on their tax department to help them navigate decisions that can affect their companies’ tax positions. So, where does the tax department fit into the post-pandemic economy? 


The 2022 BDO Tax Outlook Survey polled 150 middle market tax executives to find out more about the challenges they are facing, their outlook on the rapidly evolving global tax landscape and how they are planning to adapt to uncertainty in the upcoming year.

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