Tax Legislation Advances
High Net Worth

Tax Legislation Advances As Part of Reconcilation Bill

New tax legislation advances as the House Ways and Means Committee approved a tax package on September 15 that would increase rates on high-net-worth individuals & corporations and affect cross-border activity and pass-through entities.

Telehealth Tax Checklist

Telehealth Tax Checklist

The telehealth tax checklist highlights information that should be gathered and common issues to consider when assessing federal and state tax obligations as they relate to telehealth.

Tax Accounting Method Change

Will a Tax Accounting Method Change Benefit You?

When assessing your tax situations for 2021 and subsequent years, consider whether you may benefit from traditional tax accounting method planning, which aims to defer income recognition and accelerate deductions, or “reverse” tax accounting method planning, which does the opposite.

Estate planning options in 2021

Estate Planning Options Amid Uncertainty

Given the uncertainty of whether tax changes will be enacted and as of when, individuals who have not recently updated their estate plans should consider estate planning options, sooner rather than later.

2021 Tax Bill

2021 Tax Bill – How Likely Is It?

The Biden Administration has made tax policy a legislative priority, but will we actually see a 2021 tax bill, and what might it include?

Gross Receipts Safe Harbor ERC

Gross Receipts Safe Harbor For Employers Claiming ERC

The Treasury and IRS are providing a gross receipts safe harbor for employers seeking to claim the Employee Retention Credit (ERC), allowing the exclusion of certain amounts in determining eligibility for the credit.

Good Record Keeping
Real Estate

Good Record Keeping Can Save You

The more mundane parts of business – like good record keeping – can get overlooked. But in the long run, it can save you in more ways than one.

Retroactive Retirement Plan Adoption

Retroactive Retirement Plan Adoption

Employers who requested an extension for their 2020 tax return may want to consider retroactive retirement plan adoption to offset their 2020 tax liability. For those who have already filed, keep this planning technique in mind for future years.

2021 State Tax Issues

5 State Tax Issues To Consider Now

Consider these key state tax issues now that state and local governments are revisiting taxpayer compliance with nexus rules, considering new taxes on digital services, and evaluating the extent to which they are willing to conform to federal tax rules and legislation.


Voluntary Disclosure Agreements for Sales Tax Obligations

Failing to comply with sales tax collection and filing requirements can result in significant risk and penalties, and states are becoming more aggressive in pursuing. VDAs or Voluntary Disclosure Agreements for sales tax obligations can help limit exposure.


Biden Administration Priorities to Watch

With the first 100 days in the rearview mirror, Biden Administration priorities are shifting to the future. Business leaders should prepare for swift movement in ESG, innovation, infrastructure, tax policy, and other areas of focus.


2021 Tax Strategy Webinar Series

A well thought out 2021 tax strategy is more critical than ever as tax professionals’ role as strategic partners has been enhanced in the business ecosystem through the pandemic and ever-evolving tax policy and legislation.

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