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QuickBooks Online Tricks and Tips

Dianne & Teresa

by Dianne Morris and Teresa Goodman

Using QuickBooks Online can be easier when you know some handy tricks and tips. Here are five that can be incorporated into everyday use:

  1. Entering Non-Check Transactions
  • When you are entering non-check items, use the expense feature. To find this, click the plus sign, then under Vendors, choose Expense. This is the correct way for entering expense items that have already been purchased and for which no check is required.

  1. Using the Search Box
  • When on the main menu, click on the magnifying class in the search box next to the + sign. A listing of your most recent transactions will appear. Click on any of them, and QuickBooks will take you straight into that transaction. This is helpful when you know you entered a transaction, yet have trouble locating it.
  • There is an advanced search at the bottom of the search box dropdown. Click on Advanced Search, and a new screen will appear that will allow you to search by amount, date, and description, to name a few.
  1. Linking Bank Accounts and Credit Cards
  • This has been simplified, and some banks already have downloads available for QuickBooks. On the left side of the screen, choose Transactions, Banking; when the screen opens you will see the box Add Account. (You will need to sign up with your bank for an internet personal ID and password before adding the account).
  1. Duplicating Tabs
  • Google Chrome is the preferred browser to use with QuickBooks online. In Chrome, you can set up duplicate tabs to save what you are working on, and open another tab to perform other tasks in the company. For example, one tab can have your Customer Center open, while the other tab has invoices open.
  • Right click on the tab you have open and choose New Tab. You can then click each tab to move back and forth between tabs.
  1. Utilizing the Sample Company
  • This is helpful if you want to try something, but aren’t exactly sure how it will post. Click the COG, Your Company, and Sample Company. QuickBooks will automatically sign out of your present company and into the sample company. After you test what you want in the sample company and close it, you will have to sign back into your company. The best part is the sample company reverts back after closing.

QuickBooks Online is ever evolving, and as QuickBooks Pro Advisors, we keep up to date with the changes. We’re happy to help if you have questions! Email Dianne or Teresa.

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