DMLO Leadership Day: In Their Words

We invited students from area universities to join us for a day focused on enhancing leadership skills. The day began with a welcome breakfast and tour, group leadership activities, and mock interviews. Lunch included a Q & A panel on the Life of a CPA, and we wrapped up with a ropes course at Louisville Mega Quest.

Here is some of the feedback we received from participants:

1. Did the leadership day meet your expectations?

The leadership day surpassed my expectations. I expected to be part of a classroom sized group, and given information specific only to DMLO. On the contrary, the group size was small enough that the entire day felt more personal and connected. And, while a portion of the material was specific to DMLO, it was nice to have general job and leadership preparation sessions.

Yes. I expected to meet with employees, learn about leadership skills, and understand the culture of DMLO. The program meet all my expectations and went beyond expectations by letting me see how the people of DMLO work together both in and out of the office.

Yes, the leadership day did meet my expectations. I have been to two other leadership days and DMLO’s was similar to those. However, the social activity was unique compared to the others, which I enjoyed.

For the most part, yes it did. It was great having the opportunity to meet a variety of folks from DMLO and to learn their stories and how they came to be where they are today. It’s heartening to realize that there is a family mindset at DMLO and that folks work together to accomplish their goals (both work assignments as well as CPA prep!). It’s good to know that despite the challenges, people stick together to tackle the work.

Yes, it did. My dream is to be a CPA and work in an accounting firm with a friendly and encouraging environment like DMLO.

2. What did you find beneficial?

I feel that nearly every session was beneficial to me. I’ve never been to an accounting firm, and so the tour was more than just a chance to look at DMLO itself, but a look at how an accounting firm may be setup. Listening to another perspective on leadership is always different, and the leadership discussion was no different. Likewise, the practice interview was great for broadening the input I’ve received on my interview skills. And, lastly, the Mega Cavern Mega Quest was a great way of bonding with the other participants and DMLO staff.

I found the section discussing interviewing and resumes to be very beneficial. It made me realize that my resume needed to be updated so that it was more professional and it helped me learn what firms are looking for in a resume.

I found it beneficial to have plenty of time to discuss what it’s like to succeed at DMLO and how to “move up” there. Pete’s presentation was valuable, especially for college students who haven’t had the opportunity to think about or discuss what leadership is and looks like, and what it takes to be a good leader.

I found the time to sit with the people that worked there (like during lunch) to be beneficial. I feel like I was able to ask them all sorts of questions and they would give me honest answers.

I found the interview skills and mock interview part the most beneficial for me, as I am in the very beginning of my career path. I liked the detailed points on how to impress the interviewer, and guidelines to prepare a resume. The Q & A Panel – Life of a CPA during lunch was a great opportunity for me to get to know and talk directly with the accounting professionals. This opportunity gave me an idea of how I should make a plan to work and prepare for my CPA exam at the same time.

3. What would you have liked for us to cover that we did not?

I think it would’ve been great to hear more about the internships available. I don’t know how many interns they typically hire or the potential employment opportunities after an internship is completed.

If there’s one question I’m left with, it would be what opportunities does DMLO have for internships and entry-level positions, and what to expect in the application or hiring process.

I feel like everything I wanted to know about the firm was covered.

It would have been valuable to discuss a few leadership books that students could read. Perhaps a manager or director could have spoken about a book or two that was instrumental to their success. I’m a bit of a bookworm (okay, a big time bookworm), so I think it would be great to provide the book(s) to the participants to take with them.

The day was full of motivation, knowledge and entertainment. It was perfect with everything included but I would have liked to add somebody speaking about the road to becoming a CPA and struggles they faced to achieve their goal.

4. Did you enjoy the social activity or would you have rather stayed at the office for the day?

I really enjoyed the social activity. It was a great way to network with the employees of DMLO and it made for a memorable experience. I learned a lot about the culture in DMLO by seeing everyone work together.

The social activity was excellent, and a great choice of activity as well. It was a great way of bonding with the other participants and DMLO staff. We shared laughs, and some of us our fears (I have never liked heights, and so this was actually the first ropes course I have participated in). A great way to end the day.

I liked leaving the office to do the social activity. The adventure to Mega Caverns was interesting. I enjoyed the event itself, but would have preferred to do something where I was able to talk more with everyone while we were doing the activity.

I really enjoyed going to Mega Cavern! I hadn’t been there before, so it was quite fun for me. I’m not the most physically fit, but I enjoyed pushing myself on the obstacles. Maybe a warning for next time though: tell people to bring deodorant! Haha! I didn’t realize I would work up a sweat. I’m not at all complaining, but letting people know that the obstacle course is a good work-out would be welcome.

Absolutely, this was my favorite part and it was a great adventure for me to walk in the aerial ropes.

5. Any other comments or suggestions?

I was impressed by the philanthropy that your office engages in. I think its great to see a company that cares about the well being of their employees and their community. Thank you so much for letting me participate in DMLO’s first leadership day. I really enjoyed the program and meeting the wonderful staff at your office.

Thank you so much for putting on the leadership day. I had a great time and genuinely  feel that I was able to get a good idea of what DMLO is all about. I hope you do it again next year.

Overall, this was one of my favorite one-day professional experiences. I would keep the participant count down. Maybe ten; just small enough for everyone to become somewhat acquainted throughout the day. Thank you again for selecting me for this experience and scheduling a quality day. It was well worth the time to participate.

I guess the only comment I have would be to spend a little more time going into detail of what intern life is like at DMLO. I know we spoke about it some, and there was ample time to discuss during lunch, but I would be curious to know a bit more about intern life.

It was a great pleasure meeting your entire team. I appreciate the time and energy your team spent to organize such a great event, which is very valuable for a student like me.

Thank you for selecting me to be a part of your first leadership day! The experience was better than I had even hoped, and I would easily label it a success.

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