9. Inside the Cube: You’ll love our work space!

If you don’t know what the ‘flashcube’ building is… that’s where we get the name NewsFlash: Inside the Cube for our monthly internal newsletter. Our office consists of the entire 11th floor, beautifully renovated a couple of years ago. Not only will you not have to hassle with downtown traffic (unless you live there, of course), but you’ll have free parking, convenient access to a plethora of shops, restaurants, etc. And we have an onsite security officer, well-lit premises, keycard only building access after hours, and a floor with secure keypad entry. We designed a great employee lounge as a space to get away for a few moments, grab a cup of coffee or tea from the Keurig machine or some candy from the gumball machine, catch part of game, play the Wii, hit the punching bag, have a private conversation, or whatever you need to relax and/or recharge.

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