CPAs Getting Creative: Halloween Fun at DMLO

At DMLO, we don’t mess around when it comes to Halloween. There are some seriously creative people and amazing cooks and bakers on our team! 

Costume Contest Winners

BEST GROUP – Kentucky: “The Holidays”

  • Valentine’s Day: Emily Whatley
  • Mardi Gras: Courtney Byron
  • St. Patrick’s Day: Ashley Gonzalez
  • Easter: Nate Littles
  • Derby Day: Lauren Cundiff
  • Cinco de Mayo: Megan Meyer
  • Mother’s Day: Matt Harper
  • Memorial Day: Ben Benedict
  • Father’s Day: Jared Riordan
  • Independence Day: Alexis Heaverlo
  • Thanksgiving: Travis Bradley
  • Christmas: Dustin Gilchrist
  • New Year’s Eve: Scott Ellis
Holidays for Halloween

BEST GROUP – Indiana: “The Golden Girls”

  • Ali Wade
  • Terin Jenks
  • Derek Kitzmiller
  • Cameron Borne
EPayroll Golden Girls

BEST OVERALL – Kentucky: “The Kentucky Derby Experience”

  • Amelia Higdon
  • Anne Crotty
  • Scott Gagel
  • Katelyn Duncan
  • Jessica Noble
The Kentucky Derby Experience

BEST OVERALL – Indiana: “Charlie Brown”

  • Curtis Riddle

SCARIEST – Kentucky: “Sigourney Weaver’s accountant being attacked by the Alien”

  • Jason Korfhage

SCARIEST – Indiana: “Zombie Doctor”

  • Felicia Hatfield

FUNNIEST – Kentucky: “Police Officer”

  • Kellie Campbell

FUNNIEST – Indiana: “Blind Referee”

  • Matt Brown (pictured above with “Charlie Brown”)

MOST ORIGINAL – Kentucky: “A Judy Garland”

  • Stephanie Ramper

MOST ORIGINAL – Indiana: “Avocado Angel”

  • Margaret Vance

Chili/Soup Contest Winners


  • Corydon – Amy Saier
  • Louisville – Alexis Heaverlo
  • New Albany – Cameron Borne


  • Corydon – Patty Doyle
  • Louisville – Belinda Wigington
  • New Albany – Ethan Nevitt

Dessert Contest Winners


  • Corydon – Nancy Schoen
  • Louisville – Emily Whatley
  • New Albany – Leslie Collins


  • Corydon – Felicia Hatfield
  • Louisville – Stephanie Ramper
  • New Albany – Melanie Hild

Here are a few more photos captured from the day. Congrats to all the winners!

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