DMLO CPAs Announces New Hires, Promotions

Sarah Rasmovich

One benefit of an award-winning workplace is the quality of our staff – people who have high aspirations for making a noticeable impact on those they interact with and the clients and community they serve. A place where it is about much MORE than the numbers!

We are pleased to announce that we have recently added several people to our team:

Sarah Rasmovich

Staff Accountants
Seth Gamble, Kevin Graham, Sarah Kerrick, Susanna Thapa, Kristina Moore (not pictured), Megan Weaver

Ian Thompkins (not pictured)

The following people were promoted effective October 1st:

Angela Kimbel, Tamra Hamade, Rosemarie Lau to Senior Manager

Tabitha Marrlett to Manager

Scott Ellis, Pete Pence, Melody Raidy to Senior Accountant.

Congratulations to all!

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