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My relationship with DMLO has continued for 16 years and has exceeded expectations in all areas. They know our organization so well that I have never considered making a change. We have a lot of expertise on our Board of Directors, but when we seek a second opinion, DMLO is where we turn. DMLO keeps track of our goals and the changing environment. We make a strong effort to keep up with anything that may impact our industry, but there are times when we hear it from DMLO first. DMLO is always prompt in their response time and usually I get an answer on first contact. Easily accessible, highly professional, great to work with, always there with the answers – what else is there?


I have worked with three different CPA firms. Making the decision to work with DMLO was one of the best business decisions I have made for our organization. As a business leader in long-term care, one thing is certain and that is change. Often change happens quickly and we need quick answers. What I like most about working with DMLO is the personal relationship I have with my CPAs. They are always responsive and available to assist with questions and give valuable advice for making business decisions. DMLO is very familiar with our business plan, and they offer recommendations for improving our business based upon years of experience and knowledge in our field. They know our staff, they understand our culture. During the 12 years we have had a relationship with DMLO, anytime we are considering a change in our business plan, we automatically consult with them. They attend our board meetings as often as we ask. They stay on the cutting edge of what’s happening with reimbursement changes, IRS requirements, and pension requirements. If there is a change that will affect our business, they know about it first. They keep us informed, telling us how these changes will affect us personally, and are willing to provide education to us on how to deal with these changes.


DMLO has been our accounting firm for more than two decades. The personnel have changed from time to time but the consistency of their work and our view that they are a team working with us has made this a mutually successful adventure. When making a key business decision, they are always among the first folks called for information, advice and counsel. They are timely with their work, and always helpful in keeping us ahead of the information curve. Most importantly, DMLO adds value to what we do and to our ability to be successful.


Each year DMLO presents their audit findings to our Finance Committee. The Committee is always very impressed with their knowledge of our “language and events” considering it is very exclusive to our organization. I have been very pleased with the timeliness of their responses, even during the “off season” when they aren’t working with us. I most appreciate being able to contact DMLO at any point during the year to ask questions. They have expressed appreciation for this as well since it helps them be up-to-date when audit time arrives. I also appreciate not having to over-haul our systems every year. With past auditors, every year there was something to make major revisions to in order to suit the auditors’ preference, not just for governing standards. Having continuity with staff makes a big difference as well. I think DMLO would be a good fit for any size company. I know they have many clients larger than us, but we still get a high level of service.
Executive Director

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